Training, April 10 – 16

Monday: Flexible Flow Yoga at Bottom Line Yoga Civic Studio Tuesday: 4-mile run in 41:03, 10:13 pace Wednesday: M3 Fusion at Studio Lagree River North Thursday: 4-mile run in 44:23, 11:02 pace Friday: 2.2-mile Divvy commute; 1 hour of dancing Saturday: Rest (not really - I had a show that I helped put together) Sunday:... Continue Reading →

Do All The Things Thursday

So I'm still not working out, per doctor's orders. Although she said once I was ready for it, I could workout at 30 percent effort. But you know what, I've been busy. Teaching a burlesque workshop. Sewing snaps onto my skirt for my next performance. Catching up at the office - easier to do when... Continue Reading →

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