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I know some people hate Valentine's Day because it's a fake Hallmark holiday and blah blah blah. I say it never hurts to add a little more love to your life. I never have a shortage of love in my life ...   Husband   Mom & Dad   Brothers, Sisters (in law), Cousin  ... Continue Reading →

Weekend Shots, Christmas Part One

Coconut Macaroons - so easy and yummy Christkindlmarket with BFF Scott and BFF Ultra Vera ... And my sis-in-law and niece (and my bro, who was taking the picture) Looking at the windows at the store formerly known as Marshall Fields     Olive's Weekend: Kitty yoga She's surprisingly good with Christmas trees; meaning, she... Continue Reading →


It's Thanksgiving, and I hope you all have plans to go stuff your faces somewhere. I will be headed to my in-laws where I will fight with them for all of the stuffing. Lately, I've been getting caught up in the things I don't have (that others do have) and getting all down on myself... Continue Reading →

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