Race Report: Shamrock Shuffle 8K

This was my third year in a row running the Shamrock Shuffle. This is easily one of my favorite races. It marks the beginning of spring and the racing season (I know you can race all winter, but from now until ... Thanksgiving? you could race practically every weekend without travelling too far if you... Continue Reading →

#RunnerPhotoChallenge – Shamrock Shuffle

Next week's photo challenge theme: Rain Could be a pic from this past week or the upcoming week. Now that I've made it a challenge theme, the rain will magically disappear from the forecast. You're welcome, Chicago. Anyway, it can be anything having to do with rain - actual rain, or raindrops, rain puddles, rainbows,... Continue Reading →

Training, Jan 21-27

Monday: Rest. Dentist appointment. Probably had time to go to the gym afterward but I didn't. Tuesday: Piloxing Class, 1hr. Wednesday: 2.37mi in 24min, 10:12 pace and 20min of strength. Went to the gym, ran on the inside track and took a break in the middle to work my core/arms. Thursday: 3mi in 29min, 9:38... Continue Reading →

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