Painting the Town Some Shade of Red

River North is not a neighborhood I often visit for nightlife. Usually, if I'm there, it's for a workout via ClassPass. But my best friend is flying solo this weekend, and wanted to hang out. She's a mom of two, works full-time, and lives basically in the country but loves going out in the city,... Continue Reading →

Super Snow

Photo dump!! Mostly snow pics. But let's start with non-snow. Last Thursday, I met up with Genevieve and Liz (not pictured) for Yelp's Glow in the Park at the Harris Theater. Gen and I met up beforehand to catch up during happy hour at Tavern at the Park, picked specifically because we can get from the... Continue Reading →

Lady Gaga #artRAVE Art Pop Ball Chicago

On Friday night I got to cash in on my Christmas present from my husband ... tickets to the Lady Gaga concert!! My bestie Genevieve joined me. I wore sequined panties hot pants, let's pretend they're hot pants over footless tights/dance capris. I figured if you can't wear a silly outfit to Gaga, when can you? Gaga is... Continue Reading →

Training, May 12-18

Monday AM: 6mi bike to work. It was quite humid. Tuesday PM: 50 min Body R+D Pilates Megaformer class. And 6mi bike from work to pilates to home. Wednesday AM: 6mi bike to work. Thursday PM: 6mi bike from work. Friday: Rest Saturday: 8mi bike round trip to Fleet Feet Old Town for CES's Running U... Continue Reading →

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