Training, April 22-28

Monday: 6.2mi in 55min, 8:52 pace. Progressive run. Tuesday: Cardio (stairmaster, rowing, elliptical) 40min, then some core Wednesday: 7mi in 1:02, 8:48 pace. Easy pace then picked up the last mile. Thursday: 4mi in 38min, 9:28 pace. Group run. Friday: rest Saturday: 12mi in 1:53, 9:22 pace. Last long run! Focused on keeping the pace... Continue Reading →

Training, April 8-14

Monday: Rest. It was the day after the Shamrock Shuffle, and my training plan said to go for a walk. I did enough walking during my commute. Tuesday: 5.94mi in 55min, 9:15 pace. Plus planks, lunges, wall sits, glute raises. Wednesday: 40 minutes of pool running. That was quite a workout! I did "intervals" -... Continue Reading →

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