Like a lot of runners who take their time seriously, it would be awesome to qualify for the Boston Marathon someday.

Right now, for me that means running a marathon in 3:35:00 or faster. My performances at shorter distances could indicate my ability to run a BQ marathon. So here are my goals for other distances, and my current PR’s. I realize this will take some time to achieve. I don’t expect to hit these times at my next attempt racing the distance. These are just my long term goals of where I’d like to be.

Suggested times needed are per the McMillian Pace Calculator

Distance Time Needed Current PR Date/Location of Current PR
1mi 6:21.4 6:50 8/28/13: Get Fly Relay
5K 22:04 / 7:06 pace 22:16 / 7:11 pace 12/9/12: Jingle Bell 5K
8K 36:22 / 7:19 pace 39:10 / 7:53 pace 4/7/13: Shamrock Shuffle 8K
10K 45:50 / 7:22 pace 49:52 / 8:01 pace 4/14/12: Rockdale Ramblin Run 10K
10mi 1:16:36 / 7:40 pace 1:24:53 / 8:30 pace 4/13/13: Quarryman Challenge 10
Half Marathon 1:42:10 / 7:48 pace 1:53:50 / 8:41 pace 6/2/12: Sunburst Half Marathon
Marathon 3:35:00 / 8:12 pace 4:55:45 / 11:17 pace 10/7/12: Chicago Marathon



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