Earlier this year, BFF Vera moved from Boston to Seattle to work for a very prime company. Last weekend, BFF Scott and I headed out for a visit. My friend Drew was also in Seattle the same days as us, but has other friends to stay with, although we were able to meet up for some activities.... Continue Reading →

Boston Bound

No, not that kind of Boston Bound. I spent the past weekend in New England celebrating Coach BFF Ultra Vera's wedding. It started on Wednesday, when we boarded a plane in Chicago, bound for Detroit. Unfortunately, there was a brief groundstop in Chicago due to weather, and we just missed our connection in Detriot. More unfortunately, even... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day Weekend in Georgia

I would do a training post this week, but there's not much to talk about: Total miles: 7.4 Total time: 1hr, 12min Inspiring, no? What I did do this week was find our future apartment (haven't signed the lease yet, but we've applied, been approved, and should sign the lease soon), and then head out of town... Continue Reading →

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