Where I Run – Photo Challenge

This is long overdue, but I wanted to make sure I had enough pictures. Time for another Runner Photo Challenge! Where do you run?  There are benefits and drawbacks of running in the city compared to the suburbs. In the burbs, I had miles of quiet roads and quiet intersections, and start at my front... Continue Reading →

#RunnerPhotoChallenge: Runner Fashion

Next week’s challenge: Summer! Now that Memorial Day is passed, it's (un)officially summer! What are you looking forward to? Dining alfresco? Heading to the beach? Running shirtless? Evening races? Grilling? Summer beers? Hockey? (Anyone else find it funny that it's June and hockey is still going on?)   Current challenge: Runner Fashion. What do you... Continue Reading →

#RunnerPhotoChallenge – Flowers

Next week's challenge: Running Fashion What do you wear when you run? Just any old thing, or do you wear "outfits"? Or make an effort to match? Do you have any specific preferences when it comes to tops, bottoms, hats, sunglasses, etc? Let the world know how quirky and OCD you really are ...   ... Continue Reading →

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