Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers

I recently competed in my first bout with the Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers (CLLAW) - CLLAW XXVII Summer Smackdown - as The Feisty Feline Fräulein, Hell Cat Von Purr. What the heck is CLLAW? If you've watched GLOW* on Netflix, it's similar, but arm wrestling, and a fundraiser for both the Sideshow Theatre and a... Continue Reading →


Over the summer, I was invited by my friend Kelly to participate in her video project, Grateful4Her. It is a movement earthed in gratitude about the ways, achievements and impact of people who identify as women. A way to share her story and show your gratitude for her impact. A way to create our collective appreciation... Continue Reading →

Do All The Things Thursday

So I'm still not working out, per doctor's orders. Although she said once I was ready for it, I could workout at 30 percent effort. But you know what, I've been busy. Teaching a burlesque workshop. Sewing snaps onto my skirt for my next performance. Catching up at the office - easier to do when... Continue Reading →

I can’t workout for a month

I mentioned in my annual goals that I wanted to take care of the bump on my scalp. It's been hanging around for awhile (my husband says as long as we've been together, so over a decade), it's not big (maybe the size of a small peanut? or half of one?), it doesn't hurt, and... Continue Reading →

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