aSweatLife Ambassador

If you like to sweat in Chicago, you may have heard of aSweatLife. I'm a big fan. I love their Sweatworking Events, I love Sweatworking WEEK (like Restaurant Week for workouts and it's coming up again in January), I love their Lunch Bunch menus (a week's worth of tasty and healthy lunches), I love listening... Continue Reading →

Goals for September

First, checking in on August's goals: Celebrate Halfway to 70. The day came. I hung out with friends. I'm 35 now. Transparency. I made a little bit of progress. Workout 5x per week. I think I achieved this except for the last week of August when I had a day when I was unexplainably tired and ended up... Continue Reading →

August Goals

Checking in on July's goals: Finish at least three books. Success! All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg - I liked the premise - unwed, childfree, flawed woman trying to figure out her life. The description was a little misleading, in my opinion, of what the bulk of the story was about, and I felt like the... Continue Reading →

Five Goals for July

Checking in on June's goals: Spartan Race. I did it. I had so much self-doubt in the days leading up to it and even during the race, but I finished! I really don't know if I would have kept going on to the finish without Kelly. If you ever do a Spartan, make sure you have... Continue Reading →

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