Three Things Thursday

Chicago Flag Tee

Do you love Chicago? (Duh.) Do you love the Chicago Flag? (Double duh.) Bandwagon Champs is a new brand in Chicago selling some pretty cute Chicago Flag tees. I’m wearing the classic Chicago Flag Northside tee, but they also have styles in the colors of St. Patrick’s Day, U of I, Northwestern, other midwestern Big 10 schools, as well as other Chicago-themed shirts, in both men’s AND women’s sizes. (None of this “unisex” sizing that is actually men’s sizes.) Since these are more of a fitted style, I sized up and I’m glad I did. Want to win a Chicago Flag shirt of your own?? Enter my giveaway on Instagram.


Bulls Game

I’ve lived here my whole life … and went to my first Bulls game this week. Every year, my parents give us a “gift certificate” to an “experience” of our choosing. So, we (my husband) choose a Bulls game, more specifically, the Bulls-Clippers game, because for some reason he’s a Clippers fan.  (I made him go to a musical last year, so it’s only fair we did something more in line with his interests.) Anyway, if you can believe it, the Bulls lost. And while the Luvabulls performed, I wish they did more than one number. Oh well. I’ll just keep following them on Instagram and watching there …


Back in the pool

I mentioned in my last training post and goals post that I rolled my ankle and then angered it a week later. And sooooo many people have told me how long ankle injuries take the heal and how if you don’t let them (well, any injury) heal properly, it can lead to issues. So I’ve been trying to baby my ankle as much as possible. Wrapping it in an ace bandage every day, icing it here and there, and trying to limit working out. I guess I’ll do this until I stretch my foot the way it rolled and it feels exactly like the other foot? Anyway, like any good injured runner … that meant time to swim some laps! I headed back to my favorite Chicago Park District Pool – Ping Tom Park. And I tested out the Pool Swim mode on my Garmin Vivoactive 3. It measured time and distance, although I assume the distance was actually me telling it the length of the pool and it detecting every time I turned around or started a new lap or something. I’m bummed that the heart rate monitor is off during pool mode, that would have been cool to track. But, I’m terrible at counting reps, so I appreciate that it could measure my laps.


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3 Comments on “Three Things Thursday”

  1. Oh man, I totally forgot about the Park District lap swim deal! I did that when I trained for my first (and only, at least up to this point) indoor triathlon, and I was such a big fan. I couldn’t believe how cheap it was! Not the most convenient from a time perspective, but it was so much better than joining a gym just for a pool, especially since my building at the time had a gym anyway.

    1. Yeah, my building at home has a free fitness room, plus I pay for ClassPass, so I can’t justify a gym membership. The Lap Swimming deal is perfect for me.

  2. I’m stunned the Bulls lost! I think the LuvaBulls used to do more than one number, but there are so many other things going on during the breaks/half time they must only get one slot now!

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