Three Things Thursday – International Women’s Day


I’ve shared many times how much I love the local Chicago-based, women-owned brand POWWFUL. Well, in honor of International Women’s Day, have they got a deal for you! Today only, they want to give you a FREE “Women is My Super Power” tank top (modeled above by me) with any purchase made on their site (one per order). Add the Women is My Super Power tank top to your shopping cart and use code” Superwoman” at checkout.  Maybe I suggest pairing the tank with the Triangle bra (as I have done in the photo above).


aSweatLife Ambassadors – coming to a city near you?

I shared a few months ago how excited I was to become an aSweatLife Ambassador. And it’s been a great experience so far! Yes, we get perks like free gear and free workouts, but they do more than empower women physically, but empower us in other ways. We’re encouraged (and supported) in achieving our (fitness and non-fitness) goals, and some of the (non-fitness) ambassador workshops I’ve attended have been great at helping me determine what my goals are and my motivation for them. (Which inspired me to keep pursuing them.) Well, aSweatLife wants to grow the ambassador program so more people (not just women, we have men in our ambassador program! OK, one man so far) can participate. If you want to support them, you can contribute to their Kickstarter.  (There are perks!)


Windy City Blogger Meet the Member

Not really International Women’s Day related, but … do you know the story of how I started blogging? Well you can read it over on the Windy City Blogger Collective’s latest Meet the Member post. Featuring me. TL;DR – I learned HTML in high school and loved creating websites and unknowingly created my own blog before there were blogs. Then blogs came along and I started using those platforms.

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