I get a lot of pitches from various brands asking if I’d like to try their product. It’s a nice perk to being a blogger. As a running and fitness blogger, the majority of the pitches I receive are for supplements, sports drinks and other performance products. Which I don’t mind! But there is only so much one person can try. When I saw an email in my inbox from “Chiavare,” I thought, oh great, another weird supplement.

I was wrong.

Chiavare is a chemical-free, vegan, all-natural lube and personal moisturizer. It has only 6 ingredients and is amazing for sex or use daily to relieve discomfort, dryness, itching, pain during sex, and symptoms related to menopause and endometriosis. It’s hypoallergenic and both men and women love it.

As soon as I read that, my reaction was … FINALLY! A product pitch truly meant for me! A sex-positive woman who enjoys using natural products on or in my body! WAY TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

5ml and 3.5-oz sizes

I was really excited to try Chiavare because I actually don’t like a lot of personal lubricants. I hate the slippery ones that smell like they are full of chemicals. (There are certain things that should not come in contact with such sensitive areas.) My favorite lube that I’ve tried to date was another natural product. (But this post isn’t about them.)

So, anyway, yes, I was sent a 5ml bottle of Chiavare to try in whatever way fit my lifestyle. And we’re all adults here (… right?), so yes, I tried it during sex. And we both liked it! I liked that it’s all-natural, smells nice, isn’t sticky, and any excess can nicely rub into your skin like body oil or moisturizer. And my partner liked that the feeling for him was more “natural,” apparently lubes that are very slick can impact sensation. (I had no idea.) So, rave reviews all around.

Also, regarding the need for lube. I was recently FB chatting with some of my burlesque friends who range in age from late 20s to … somewhere in their 40s. Somehow, our conversation turned to lube, and it was hilarious the different perspectives depending on age. I’m 35 and no spring chicken (sob), so lube has become something that is getting to be a requirement. Hashtag REAL TALK.

ANYWAY! What good is a review without a giveaway?? Two winners (one via Rafflecopter, one via Instagram) will win a bottle of Chiavare! I’ll pick winners on Friday, October 13th!

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