I just wrote a post about how I actually feel turning 35 (there’s a little hint of it at the end), and I don’t want to post it because it’s so negative, so here are some photos of what I’ve accomplished so far in my 30s. Hopefully, this will make me feel better.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed every single mile. Thank you all for your support!

I ran a marathon. Just the one though.

Ragnar Madison to Chicago

I ran Ragnar. Again … just the one. I drove a van for another one.


I moved out of my parents’ house, again, and into Chicago proper. That’s, uh, not my view. In case there was any confusion. That’s the view from the Planetarium.

Aww they like me here

I left the company I worked at for almost 7 years and started at a new company, doing basically the same job (digital content publishing). After 3 years, I switched to a different job (analytics) on the same team at the same company. EXCITING.



I dealt with runners knee and didn’t run all that much for a couple years. But then I started running again and I’ve gotten back up to 10 miles.


I taught burlesque to some ladies.

I created my own burlesque acts – including costumes and choreography – and performed them in front of an audience. And then decided I was tired of doing that and took a break although maybe I’m “retired.”


I arm wrestled other women for charity.

spartan (5)

I completed a Spartan Race.


So that’s all fun. But one thing I’m struggling with right now is my legacy. What am I doing with my life? How am I leaving the world better than I found it? I’m coming up short on that front, and it’s really bothering me. I no longer work for a non-profit that literally saves lives (a hospital system). Even though I never actually saved any lives, I was still part of something that made a difference. I do some volunteer work, but not enough to feel like I’m making an impact. I’m pretty certain I’ll never have children (by choice), so I can’t fall back on motherhood as my legacy. So, what am I doing? I have ideas, it’s on me to find the time and motivation to do something with them. So, I guess I have my goal for the second half of my 30s. 

In the meantime, what bucket listy stuff should I do before 40?