Training, August 7-13

AM: 3-mile run in 36 minutes, 11:59 pace
PM: Total Strength at CrossTown Fitness via ClassPass and 2.6-mile Divvy ride

AM: Yoga at the office
PM: 5.6-mile run in 56 minutes, 09:54 pace
PLUS, Divvy commute both ways, 4.6 miles

Wednesday: 5.8-miles of Divvy rides

AM: 2.2-mile run in 24 minutes, 11:12 pace
PM: 4.9-miles of Divvy rides

Friday: 2.3-mile Divvy commute one-way

Saturday: 8.7-mile run in 1:43, 11:49 pace

Sunday: Rest

Total miles (run + bike) = 40 (20 + 20)
Total time (all) = 7 hours, 42 minutes

Monday AM / PM


Tuesday night with 3RUN2

Thursday run


If you read my last post, you know why I needed to stop at Fleet Feet ASAP for a new pair of Brooks Adrenalines.

On Saturday, instead of waking up early to run before my tentative morning plans, I opted to turn off my alarm, sleep in, skip my plans, and head out for a run when I was ready. That ended up being around noon, and I was worried it would be hot, but it was beautiful with temps around 70. I didn’t have a plan for distance, I just headed toward the lake. I ended up exploring Northerly Island and running almost 9 miles total, although there were a lot of walk breaks. And run-selfie breaks.

On Sunday, I was supposed to go to a workout at Barry’s Bootcamp, but woke up with a pain in the back of my shoulder. Maybe a pinched nerve? Not sure. I probably needed the rest day anyway. It still a little bit sore today.

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2 Comments on “Training, August 7-13”

  1. Your new shoes are awesome! Sounds like you had a solid week of training minus your neck pain. I haven’t run by Northerly Island in years and your pictures are making me want to again!

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