Review: Temple Tape Headbands

Recently, I tried Temple Tape‘s Sweatband Headbands.

I can get pretty sweaty on the run during the summer, and hate having sweat (and sunscreen) dripping into my eyes. I also hate dealing with flyaway hairs during a run or any workout. Temple Tape’s headbands are a very comfortable way to avoid all of those problems!

Since I’m not a fan of pink, I gifted that one to Nina. That one has a small pocket on the side.


Temple Tape is made to deliver on the following – and they do:

Fit snug and don’t slip – They use high-quality spandex to make sure the headband stays in place and does not get worn out.

Actively Wicks Moisture – Temple Tape was designed and manufactured with 3 different types of moisture-wicking fabrics that not only holds sweat but also actively draws off the moisture.

Dries Fast – Temple Tape can be wrung out when full, and then be almost completely dry (their sweat bands dry 8x faster than cotton) and ready for more in just a few seconds without losing shape or size.

Want to try for yourself? Save 10% on orders with code MAGWOL10 

Temple Tape has agreed to give away TWO HEADBANDS to a winner – color and style of the winner’s choice. Click here to enter via Rafflecopter – I’ll pick a winner on Monday, August 21st.

BONUS! I’m picking another winner to Instagram to also win two headbands from Temple Tape. Enter via Instagram.

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