Training, July 31 August 6

Monday: Megafomer at Studio Lagree via ClassPass + 7 miles on a Divvy bike

Tuesday: 5.6-mile run in 1 hour with Three Run Two

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Yoga at the office + 5-mile run in 1 hour

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4-mile run in 50 minutes

Sunday: Pilsen Yoga Tribe

Total Miles (run+bike) = 22
Total Time = 5 hours, 40 minutes


Tuesday. Photo via Three Run Two on Facebook.






Also Saturday

I got an amazing massage from Leo at L&A Healing Studio in the South Loop.  He was not afraid to really get in there until it hurt (in a good way). Highly recommended. I’ll definitely be back.



Also Sunday. Chicagogrammers Birthday Party at Gino’s East.


What was the last time you got a massage?  My last one was in April. I was really overdue. I was also told I haven’t been foam rolling enough. (Guilty.)

What’s your favorite Chicago pizza? I grew up eating Aurelio’s, so to me, their thin crust is the best. However, I really liked Gino’s East’s deep dish. But all pizza is good pizza in Chicago.

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  1. I usually get a massage after the marathon, and on rare occasions after the 20 miler, but that’s about the extent of my massage-getting. Although the hands-on PT I’d get during my stints in PT felt a lot like sports massages, so I guess that kind of counts. Not very relaxing, though!

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