August Goals

Checking in on July’s goals:

Finish at least three books. Success!

  • All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg – I liked the premise – unwed, childfree, flawed woman trying to figure out her life. The description was a little misleading, in my opinion, of what the bulk of the story was about, and I felt like the main character didn’t evolve as much as I hoped she would.
  • Girl Waits with Gun by Amy Stewart – I didn’t realize this was based on a real person. I liked it, but wanted a little more drama. Although what can you do, if it’s based on a true story.
  • Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer.  I’m still not really sure what I read, but the writing was great. Maybe I’ll read the other books in this trilogy. They are turning it into a movie, I’ll likely see it … maybe it’ll explain some things?

Increase my mileage. I actually ran more miles in July than June! 51 compared to 43. However, I cycled more in June (46 miles compared to 26).

Do fun summer things. I went on vacation with my family and ate almost every meal outdoors, went pontooning (and pon-tubing), kayaking, jet skiing, swimming, horseback riding. I even did some outdoor things in Chicago.

Bring lunch. I didn’t count, but I think I did OK on this. I brought lunch more than I bought it.

Use my garden. I’ve been eating lots of yummy arugula and have used my herbs in some tasty salads (tomato/cucumber/mint and bell peppers + various herbs) as well as some banana peppers. Hopefully, my tomatoes and poblano peppers will start to ripen soon, and eventually, I might have a squash.

July Highlights – Family Vacation and CLLAW

Goals for August:

Celebrate Halfway to 70. So. My birthday is coming up.

Transparency. This is a very personal goal, but also very important to me.

Workout 5x per week. I reduced my ClassPass membership to 3 classes per month (although I can add on classes).  I made the change partly for financial reasons and partly to encourage myself to run 4x per week and take advantage of free yoga.

Fast Women / Strong Women. I’ve been sharing my ideas about what to do with “I Run With Fast Women” and it seems to be resonating with other women. So now I need to do something. Like figure out a name.

Finish paying off loan. And maybe take out another one. A few years ago, I took out a loan to consolidate credit card debt. I’ll pay it off this month, 8 months early! However, once that’s paid off, we plan to look into taking out another loan with paydayloansnow to consolidate more debt (assuming we can find one that has a lower interest rate and the minimum payment is equal to or less than what we were paying for the same debt + the loan that’s almost gone).

I’m going to be honest … that is a lot for one month. It’s all stuff I’m planning on doing anyway, but when I write it all out … it feels like a lot. So. Let’s see how it goes!

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6 Comments on “August Goals”

  1. I’m pretty sure the entirety of my Thursday blog post is going to be me complaining about my impatience regarding the SNAIL’S PACE my tomatoes are taking to ripen. Hahaha. I had 18 the last time I counted, but most of them are still little babies, and none of them have even made the slightest indication that they’ll be turning red any time soon. But it makes me feel better to hear you’re waiting on yours to ripen, too. I was worried I was doing something wrong!

    1. Most of mine are still green but I think there is 1 on each plant that is starting to turn yellow. Progress! My friend who I gave a plant to (I got a bunch from my cousin and gave a few away) also reported that she has one turning yellow.

  2. Have you checked out SoFi for your finances? I’ve been checking them out recently because they are one of a tiny few who can consolidate federal college loans along with a larger financial services portfolio. Maybe you’ll find a program with them that works for you.

    I’m trying to do better bringing lunch to work, too. I bought a Crock-Pot lunch warmer, and it’s been pretty helpful — especially since our work microwaves are always working overtime during the lunch hours.

    Have a successful August!

    1. I haven’t checked out SoFi (actually, at this point, I haven’t checked out anything), but the student loans we still have outstanding aren’t federal.

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