Monday: 3.6-mile run in 38:32

Tuesday: Sweat to Inspire with A Sweat Life (Inspirational speakers followed by 30 mins of body weight and then 30 min of cardio hip hop)

Wednesday: Rest 

Thursday: 3-mile run in 32:04

Friday: SoulCycle class with the Fear Paradox Summit

Saturday: CLLAW – not really a workout but I was sore the next day

Sunday: Rest

I wanted to hit the ground running and get back to my routine after a relaxing vacation, but I had a busy week with CLLAW meetings and a scheduled haircut and the Fear Paradox Summit (it was a great event – blog post forthcoming). I still got in 4 workouts which is great,  but my goal is 5-6. 



Tuesday at Sweat to Inspire with Nina. The weather was perfect and we were able to work out outside at the lovely Revel Space in the South Loop. 

Group photo by Christiana Basso.

I really loved my long hair. But I was ready for a change.
The bangs will stay though. I have a five-head.

I go to Sam at Hairitics in Logan Square



My first time in a SoulCycle studio

My arm was sore the day after CLLAW, and the day after that. At least in the morning.

Onto the next week! Hopefully, I’ll get back into my usual routine. I’m also trying to figure out how to pull back shoulder-length hair during workouts. With long mermaid hair, you can just wrap it around into a bun at the top of your head.

Do you like to chop off your hair? I’ve been doing the grow long – chop short routine since high school – I think this is my 5th cycle. 

Have you been to SoulCycle? I wanted to hate it but ended up enjoying it, although I can’t justify $30 per class when my annual Divvy membership is around $100 and I also own a bike (that needs a tune-up).