Training, July 24 – 30

Monday: 3.6-mile run in 38:32

Tuesday: Sweat to Inspire with A Sweat Life (Inspirational speakers followed by 30 mins of body weight and then 30 min of cardio hip hop)

Wednesday: Rest 

Thursday: 3-mile run in 32:04

Friday: SoulCycle class with the Fear Paradox Summit

Saturday: CLLAW – not really a workout but I was sore the next day

Sunday: Rest

I wanted to hit the ground running and get back to my routine after a relaxing vacation, but I had a busy week with CLLAW meetings and a scheduled haircut and the Fear Paradox Summit (it was a great event – blog post forthcoming). I still got in 4 workouts which is great,  but my goal is 5-6. 



Tuesday at Sweat to Inspire with Nina. The weather was perfect and we were able to work out outside at the lovely Revel Space in the South Loop. 

Group photo by Christiana Basso.

I really loved my long hair. But I was ready for a change.
The bangs will stay though. I have a five-head.

I go to Sam at Hairitics in Logan Square



My first time in a SoulCycle studio

My arm was sore the day after CLLAW, and the day after that. At least in the morning.

Onto the next week! Hopefully, I’ll get back into my usual routine. I’m also trying to figure out how to pull back shoulder-length hair during workouts. With long mermaid hair, you can just wrap it around into a bun at the top of your head.

Do you like to chop off your hair? I’ve been doing the grow long – chop short routine since high school – I think this is my 5th cycle. 

Have you been to SoulCycle? I wanted to hate it but ended up enjoying it, although I can’t justify $30 per class when my annual Divvy membership is around $100 and I also own a bike (that needs a tune-up). 

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7 Comments on “Training, July 24 – 30”

  1. I like the new ‘do! It really shows off your waves/curls. And I’m with you on bangs. I didn’t have them in high school (I guess they didn’t feel like a thing in the mid-90s? No idea) and that’s the only time I’ve gone without them. I’m trying out a new stylist here next week so fingers crossed she can handle my bangs (this is a serious concern of mine).

  2. I grew my hair long for most of college because I had always wanted long hair (growing up, my best friend had hair down to her waist, and I was SO JEALOUS), but the longer it got, the more I realized long hair just does NOT suit me. So I cut off almost a foot and have never gone back to long hair. Anything more than an inch or so below my shoulders is too long for me these days. I just got it cut on Wednesday, actually, because it was driving me crazy that my ponytail was long enough to hit my neck when I was running and I’d have to put it in a bun to avoid that haha.

    I’m 100% with you on the SoulCycle thoughts. I loathed spin and thought that I would ESPECIALLY hate SoulCycle, but I’ve really enjoyed every class I’ve been to (I’ve attended…three? Four?). It’s way too pricey to justify, though, which is why I’ve only ever gone when I’ve been able to go for free. I mean, my entire gym membership is $35 (it’s discounted because of work, but only by $10), so the idea of getting one 45-minute workout for $30 is a bit much to handle for me.

    1. Confession: The reason I’ve been clinging to my long hair as of late is because I’m almost 35 and scared of having “mom hair.” But my stylist is pretty funky and she cuts the hair of plenty of my friends, including some who are actual moms and/or older than me, and none of them have “mom hair.” Although she also dyes their hair funky colors.

      Even at the lowest ClassPass membership, I can get 3 classes per month for $40, and that includes plenty of spin studios. (Not that I go to spin classes.) Also I was just looking at SoulCycle’s pricing on their website, and they have an option that is 50 classes for $3,500 … which is $70 per class. But you can sign up before everyone else and get priority on waitlists. WHAT THE ACTUAL F. Who are the people who would pay for that?? Can you even say it’s about investing in your health at that point? Or just your status?

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