Training, July 10-23

I was on vacation with my family (immediate, extended and “family” that is actually close friends) last week, so you get two weeks worth of training! Although I was in hardcore vacation mode, so not much training happened last week.

Monday 7/10 – Vinyasa 2/3 at Moksha Riverwest via ClassPass

Tuesday 7/11 – Three Run Two group run – 5 miles in 55 minutes

Wednesday 7/12 – Absolute Strength at On Your Mark West Loop via ClassPass

Thursday 7/13 – Office yoga

Friday 7/14 – 3.4-mile run in 36 minutes

Saturday – Sunday – Rest. I had actually done something active every day for the prior 15 days, knowing that I would be getting in lots of relaxation during vacation.

Monday 7/17 РNot really a workout, but we went horseback riding.  Our group included a 3-year-old who got to ride a pony, that sure was cute.

Tuesday 7/18 – 3.4-mile run. Our vacation spot was about 1 mile from the North Country Trail. I ran to it, explored it a little bit (I was nervous about getting lost), and ran back.

Wednesday 7/19 – 30 minutes of jet skiing. Or maybe that happened on Tuesday. I don’t know. It’s not really a workout anyway.

Thursday 7/20 – 3.3-mile run. I explored the short, intersecting trails that were really close to our vacation spot. This was the perfect kind of trail running for me. No risk of getting lost (it was all contained within a square mile, if even that), so I could relax and enjoy the run.

Friday-Saturday – Rest.

Sunday – 1.3-mile Divvy ride. That’s gotta count for something.

Total Miles (run + bike) = 16
Total Time (all actual workouts) = 6 hours 17 minutes


Running instead of packing

Showing off my bikini body.

Suit on the right is from Athleta. It’s sold by the bra size (CAN I GET AN AMEN), has an underwire, and felt really secure. I struggle with bikini tops because … stuff wants to pop out (ahem, suit on the left) or there just isn’t enough coverage and/or support (I cannot do triangle tops), and I hate tops that tie because I feel like they are never tight enough or if it’s too tight, things will pop out of the bottom. This top is everything I want in a bikini top. Now I just want every color.


North Country Trail

Little trails

These shorts are also from Athleta (I had a lot of rewards to redeem) and they are also great. They have pockets. More than one. And are super soft and comfortable and don’t budge. (You can save 20% off the shorts via this link – search for Be Free Shorts.)


Hi Dad

I did a lot of this


Diamond Lake

More Diamond Lake


The property we stayed on. We rented all of it – the large white building, which was two 2BR 1BA units and the red/white house which was 2BR 2BA. We had 12 adults, 4 kids, 2 dogs and 1 cat. (Not Olive, she stayed with my bestie burly cat lady.) There were lots of stairs on the property, so that was kind of a workout. We were on Diamond Lake near White Cloud, Michigan.

This was my first vacation in 6 years that was more than a 4-day weekend and/or a trip that revolved around someone else’s wedding. It was sorely needed. Now it’s back to reality, but I think my batteries are recharged. I hope. Because this upcoming week is a bit hectic, but full of fun stuff. (Wanna see me arm wrestle and get all GLOW?)

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2 Comments on “Training, July 10-23”

  1. That looks like the perfect, quintessential up north vacation! I’m really glad you were able to get away and enjoy an extended, relaxing period out of the office. Six years is a long time!

    I would LOVE to have running shorts with pockets. Why is this not a more common thing?? All of my tights have pockets, but my shorts only ever have that practically useless key pocket. I find it so much more convenient to store my fuel in a pocket on my pants than the pocket on my water bottle, particularly during races when I usually don’t carry a water bottle anyway. Of course, I also haven’t bought new shorts since…I don’t even know when. 2013? 2014?…so maybe that’s part of the problem haha.

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