“I Run With Fast Women” means a lot of things to me. It’s a play on running and the desire to go fast. It’s also a tongue-in-cheek play on “fast” women – women who are bold and unashamed. It’s an intersection of my drive to be strong, and the uninhibited side of me that does burlesque. It can mean different things to different women, but is a common attitude that brings us together. And it’s a statement, which makes it powerful and unapologetic.


Lately, I’ve been thinking that I want it to be more than just a slogan on a t-shirt that gets a chuckle from race spectators. I want to do something with “I Run With Fast Women,” or at least, do something with the concept. With the feeling. The attitude.

Body positivity is something that more and more women (and men) are embracing. Loving the body you’re in, finding beauty in all bodies. It’s wonderful and I’m so happy it’s being embraced But I want to go beyond just loving what your body looks like. I want to love what your body can do. Your body can be fast. Your body can be strong. Likewise, your mind or soul or spirit can be “fast” and strong.

And I want to encourage ownership of what you do with your body. Because women are also made to feel ashamed of what their bodies do, or what they choose to do or not do with their bodies.

There is a long list, throughout history, of women not having control of their bodies or being shamed when they tried to take control of their bodies. Women (and men) are told they “run like a girl” or “throw like a girl” as an insult. Women are discouraged from weight lifting because they’ll get too bulky. Women are shamed for wearing revealing clothing but also for hiding their bodies and features. They’re shamed for choosing to remain childfree but also for getting carelessly knocked up.  They’re shamed if they have too much sex but repeatedly inundated with sexual images of women to sell products.

None of my thoughts or ideas are necessarily new, but they need to be amplified. Women should not be ashamed of their bodies. Period.


Me and Erin 

And to me, I Run With Fast Women embraces all of that – embraces that my body is strong, my body is beautiful, my body is sexual, my body is mine, and I surround myself with people who agree with me. It’s an intersection of feminism and fitness.  Of bodily autonomy as it applies to everything your body can do.

So, what next? I want to create a community. A space for women to not be ashamed of how their body looks and what it does. To be proud of what their body can do and how their body feels.

But how? Do I take this to another blog/website? Events? Workshops? Podcasts? I’m still rolling ideas around in my mind. Is there an audience for this? What does “I Run With Fast Women” mean to you? What do you love about what your body can do?