Photo via CLLAW

I’ve been taking a break from burlesque classes and performing, but my next “performance” is going to draw on all of my recent weight lifting! I’m competing in the Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestler’s Summer Smackdown at the end of the month. Yes, really. My wrestler name is Hell Cat Von Purr. Y’all are welcome to come check it out! I’m sure it’ll be a hoot.


There is more to my costume.



Have you heard about the latest trends for picking out the most flattering lipstick shade? Women are matching other, uh, skin tones on their body. Like, spots on your body where your skin is … darker. I’m talking nips and bits. At first, I was very confused … what am I supposed to do? Those are the only three things I keep covered while performing. Not like I can walk around a store comparing colors to the source. Thankfully, friends smarter than me pointed out that you can snap some photos, crop them down to a “color swatch” and compare the shades to the photos. Which I did. And I have to say, I’m really happy with these colors. They’re pinker than I normally pick, but I’m a ginger and really should embrace my rosy undertones instead of constantly going with coral hues.



I’m happy to say that not only does my trusty 6-year-old Garmin watch still work as good as new, but my heart rate strap works too! After sitting in a box for 2 1/2 years, I dug them out the night before the Soldier Field 10. It was doing great measuring distance and pace, but it took me until about halfway through the race to remember that the battery on the heart rate strap died 3 years ago, and the heart rates I was picking up weren’t mine. I changed the battery on the monitor, and my watch started registering my heart rate but seemed to go off the charts (like 220 bpm) a mile or so in. (How I felt did not match that reading.) Turns out the new battery was starting to corrode. (Maybe some sweat got in there?) Another battery went in, and so far I have had two successful runs with accurate heart rate monitoring! You know what this means? Time for super efficient tempo runs and intervals and racing! And now that I’m 5 years older, new, lower heart rate zones! Only slightly. Anyway. I’m excited that the watch and HR monitor both still work and I don’t have to drop $200+ to do accurate heart rate training.