Training, July 3-9

Monday: 3.82-mile run in 44 minutes, 11:33 pace

Tuesday: 5.66-mile run in 1 hour, 10:36 pace

Wednesday: Absolute Strength at On Your Mark West Loop via ClassPass and 1.5-mile Divvy ride home

Thursday: Shred415 South Loop via ClassPass

Friday: 7-mile run in 1:28, 12:34 pace

Saturday: Self-Defense workshop at Titan Gym; Divvy ride home (6.77 miles in 48 minutes)  

Sunday: Divvy rides from home to Loop to West Town to home (7.72 miles in 59 minutes) 

Total Miles (run + bike) = 34
Total Time (all) = 8 hours, 9 minutes


Monday morning on the Lakefront Trail

Tuesday on The 606 repping the WRCE

I ran two days in a row … and felt great! Well, hot and sweaty, The 606 doesn’t have any shade. But my knee felt good.


Thursday at Shred415

Instead of four 15 minute segments, we alternated six 10 minute segments (strength and run x 3). Usually, the run segments include rolling hills and increasing speed and end with sprints. During the last interval, I got my speed up to 12 mph before I felt like I was going to lose control. I don’t know how anyone can run any distance at that pace, sheesh.


Friday’s run

Going into the weekend, I wasn’t sure when I would get in a long-ish run, and on my way home from work, I noticed the temps weren’t too bad and I didn’t have plans that evening … so why not do my run then. Bonus, I got to watch the sunset behind the skyline out by the Planetarium.  Also, given that I ran intervals at Shred415, it was another round of back-to-back running. Knee still felt good!

Sunday at Nike Air Society

I saw a bunch of ladies on Instagram posting about Nike Air Society on Saturday, and I was able to attend one of their public sessions on Sunday – not really sure what it would be, but I was curious and Nike always does interesting events.  Basically, they took over a penthouse condo in West Town for a complete experience with shopping (Nike and local women-owned businesses), manicures, hair braiding, inspirational or motivational speakers, yoga and HIIT classes, free food and drinks, and other goodies. Going into it, I expected the event to be a little more … inspirational? Maybe it would have been with smaller groups. It was pretty cool regardless. They are doing more Air Society events at their stores this month.  (I was not paid to mention this and didn’t get a special invitation or anything, just wanted to share my experience.)


Did you make it to Nike Air Society? What did you think? 

Do you run back-to-back days? What kind of recovery do you do? Or nothing special? 

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7 Comments on “Training, July 3-9”

  1. That sounds quite the event! I feel like Nike does so many things around the city, but I never know about them until after they’ve happened. I guess at some point you don’t need to do too much marketing to get people to attend (or maybe I’m just not following the right channels…), but it does surprise me how often I find out about things Nike puts on long after they took place.

    1. I assume they invite a few people directly and then it gets through the grapevine / social media buzz, and everyone jumps on it because, Nike.

  2. Love all your photos! I read your blog and it makes me want to try to take running photos…and then I forget.
    When I was in New Mexico I unwisely ran 6 days in a row and now my knees feel a little wonky so it was probably overkill. Gah. I usually try not to hammer the same body parts 2 days in a row. Like no back to back leg days or if I run hard one day, I’ll do an easy run the next.
    I’m not training for anything right now so I haven’t done any longer than 9 miles but when I’m doing long runs I like to put my legs up on a wall after I run and wear my compression sleeves and avoid flip flops because they bother my shins. And I try to avoid hard labor and/or heavy drinking for the rest of the day. 😉 And I try to eat when I’m done running, does that count?
    Sometimes it’s hard.

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