Training, June 26 – July 2

Monday: Vinyasa 2-3 at Moksha Yoga Riverwest (via ClassPass) and 4.15-mile Divvy ride home

Tuesday: 8.4 miles on Divvy from work to Wicker Park to home

2.85-mile warm-up
1 mile in 7:48 during the Strava Mile
4.3-mile Divvy ride home

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 2-mile Divvy ride home

Saturday: 10-mile run in 1:54

Sunday: Yoga with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe

Total Miles (Run + Bike) = 31
Toal Time (All) = 6 hours, 21 minutes



If you’re looking for a zen space to do yoga, check out Moksha. Lots of plants and natural light. Most of their classes are better suited for experienced yoginis. (You know how to flow from a plank through a chaturanga to up dog to downward dog.)



The Bristol invited the Windy City Blogger Collective for a happy hour of Moscow Mules (including a demo making one) and passed hors d’oeuvres.  I’ve been there for dinner and was excited to go back. And I won a gift certificate, so I’ll definitely be back again! But they have pretty good food, even at the full price 🙂

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Photo directly above and photo directly below by Micaela Bernal


Wednesday at the Strava Mile

Strava hosted an invite-only mile time trial event at Lakeshore Park in Chicago. I ran into a few familiar faces from Instagram, and also tons of representation from 3Run2, the November Project and other groups. It was a fun event. They assigned everyone to a heat based on their expected finish time. I ended up in the last heat (aim low?) and ended up running almost exactly the time I indicated. Was it my fastest mile? No. It was actually 30+ seconds slower than my 5K PR, but that PR is from a long time ago. Maybe I should start thinking about PR 2.0. In which case, this was a PR 2.0.

Saturday’s run (that’s water on my tank … I was cooling off in a drinking fountain)


Saturday’s recovery. That’s a busted dog raft.
Whatever, it served its purpose.

It should be no secret that I am not a morning person. The only time I’ve been able to routinely get up early for long runs is when I have plans to run with a group, and I have yet to find a free group on my side of town for long runs, so I’ve been running solo. Which means I have no real sense of urgency or a hard start time for my long runs.

But, it’s summer, so waiting too long leads to a pretty unpleasant long run. So, this past Saturday, I broke my own personal mental time hurdle, and got out of bed at 4:45. For some reason, 4:45 always sounds so much earlier than a 5am alarm. But, I wanted to have enough time to eat and digest and still start running ~2 hours before temps get too unbearable. So, I was really proud of myself for getting out there and starting my run at 6:30am. Yes, I know many of you do this all the time, but I need all the gold stars.

Anyway, the actual run. My goal was 7-10 miles. I did 10, yay. I started around the Planetarium and headed north, crossing paths with many marathon training groups. I turned around at 5 miles, which was a little bit past North Ave. On the way back, I was really starting to feel the heat. I forgot that the Lakefront Trail north of Ohio St has no shade, and there was no cloud cover and no wind on Saturday. So miles 3-7 were pretty warm. Next time, I’ll probably turn around at Ohio Street and run some miles south of the Planetarium.

What time do you get up for your long runs in the summer?
Any tips to make getting up early easier? Other than eat breakfast and go back to sleep for an hour, or take a nap after. 

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One Comment on “Training, June 26 – July 2”

  1. Death to the LFT between Castaways and Ohio Street! It should not exist! (Well, it should, but it should be a lot more like the LFT south of Navy Pier, where at least there are trees, and not just miles and miles of nothing but concrete and mean, reflective water). I attempted a 12 miler sometime this past spring, and it was that section entirely that turned my 12 miler into a 6 miler. It just sucked all of the life out of me, so I threw in the towel and took the CTA home.

    Honestly, I’m not sure how I’d get up at 4:45 on Saturdays without a group to motivate me to do so, so kudos to you for even being willing to do that. I’m now in my fifth consecutive year of early Saturday mornings during the summer, and while that habit obviously doesn’t stick around past marathon training, I think I’ve been able to ingrain the idea that Friday means early bed time enough into my head that it’s not quite so hard to do it on a regular basis. I never plan anything for Fridays after work other than light chores at the most, and I start shutting things down around 8:00 (well, that’s the goal. Lately I’ve been shutting down more around 9:00, which means I get to bed way too late and can barely survive my 6:30 run. But that’s my own fault haha). On the VERY rare occasions during the summer when I don’t have a Saturday morning long run, it feels weird to me to stay up late at all on Fridays. Even if I can’t fall asleep at 8:45 like I’d want to, at least I’m in bed (…theoretically) eight hours before I need to get up, which I figure sort of counts as resting to make it easier to get up the next day.

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