Five Goals for July

Checking in on June’s goals:

Spartan Race. I did it. I had so much self-doubt in the days leading up to it and even during the race, but I finished! I really don’t know if I would have kept going on to the finish without Kelly. If you ever do a Spartan, make sure you have a friend right next to you. Speaking of which … if you’d like to join me in 2018 for the Chicago Spartan Sprint, join my team! Wolff Pack!

Ramp up the mileage. Whoops. I ran 67 miles in May and 43 miles in June. However, I cycled 20 miles in May and 46 miles in June, so there’s that. If you combine the two, I covered 6 more miles in June.

Make it to every workout I signed up for during Sweatworking WeekOnce again, this didn’t happen, but I was running a fever on Monday night, so I skipped Tuesday’s workouts (and stayed home from work). The fever was very short, so I was back at it on Wednesday.

Do fun things outdoors. Fail. Other than running and one backyard party, I haven’t done any fun outdoor summer things.

Renew my passport. Still hasn’t happened, geez.

BUT! Even though it finally wasn’t a goal this month … I read a book! Where’d You Go, Bernadette? I really enjoyed it. It was an easy read and very entertaining. However, I skipped the book club meeting in favor of going to bed early for my long run the following morning.


June highlights:


July goals:

Finish at least three books. I’m almost done with one, and we’re going on a relaxing family vacation, so I should be able to finish at least two more between lazy days reading in the shade or in the car.

Increase my mileage. I mean it this time, LOL. Also, I’m starting to think about increasing my frequency from 3x per week (sometimes 2x to be honest) to 4x per week. I’ve been hitting 20 mpw and so far my knee has been fine.

Do fun summer things. I should easily be able to accomplish this on vacation, but I’d also like to do fun summer things in Chicago.

Bring lunch. I’ve been in a decent groove bringing my lunch thanks to the delicious Lunch Bunch menus from A Sweat Life – go check those out if you need lunch ideas! So tasty!

Use my garden. My little balcony garden is booming. My goal is to keep up with eating what I grow. I often get to the fall and have these giant herb plants that I’ve barely touched.  So far, I’ve made Lemon Mustard Dill Chicken, Thai Basil Chicken, Gin Basil Smash cocktails, and mint-basil-arugula salads.

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2 Comments on “Five Goals for July”

  1. Oooh, thanks for the recipe links! I’ve got basil, dill, and oregano growing in my garden right now, and I, too, need to get much better about actually using them instead of just letting them sit there and grow all summer without taking advantage of having access to freshly grown herbs!

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