I’m a big fan of wearing glasses. I actually wore fake glasses in college before I ever needed prescription lenses, because I liked the way they look. It’s like face jewelry. Eventually, I actually needed prescription eyeglasses, and while I wear contacts for workouts and special occasions, I prefer to wear glasses most of the time.

However, I still need to wear sunglasses. And not just to look cool or due to sensitivity to light, but lighter colored eyes absorb more light which can cause more damage over time, so it’s also a matter of protecting my eyes. For years, I would wear giant bug-eye sunglasses over my prescription glasses and just deal with the awkwardness.

But then I learned that prescription sunglasses don’t have to be expensive and it was a total game changer.

Recently, I was able to order a pair of Wayfarer-style prescription sunglasses via GlassesShop.com.  These cost $45 through their site but were provided to me for free. This is a great resource for buying affordable eyeglasses online.


The glasses shipped quickly. Initially, the left lens had the wrong Rx, but the company quickly sent me a replacement lens and I was able to pop out the wrong lens and pop in the new one, and now they are perfect. The quality is good – they feel sturdy (it did take a little muscle to pop the lenses out and in), and I love the style!

If you’d like to try GlassesShop.com yourself, you have two options! You can use code  INVM42T307CGB  at checkout for 50% off your first order. OR! GlassesShop.com wants to give one of you a free pair of glasses (up to $80) – prescription or non-prescription, sunglasses or regular glasses!  I’ll pick a winner on Friday, July 7th.  Click the Rafflecopter link to enter!

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