Training, June 12-18

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5 miles in 55:37 with Three Run Two.

Wednesday: Yoga at Bottom Line Civic Studio via ClassPass

Thursday: 2.3 mile Divvy bike ride home

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest / slip-n-slide

Sunday: 5.5 miles in 1:15

Total Miles (run+bike): 13
Total Time (all): 3 hours, 19 min


Tuesday. Photo via 3Run2.

Thursday: Dinner at 5 Rabanitos and then Undressed Burlesque at Simone’s … my BBFF (best burlesque friend forever) Kitty La Royall gave me this sweet necklace! Stayed tuned for Hell Cat Von Purr’s debut.  



So, last night ended up being an unintentional cut-back week. But after a week full of Sweatworking Week workouts and the Spartan Race, I think I earned it.

Also, Sunday’s run sucked. I’m not sure what happened. Because I was pretty well rested going into it. But maybe I didn’t give my breakfast enough time to settle. It wasn’t much hotter than some of my recent runs. Or maybe it just an off day. Oh well, bounce back for the next one.

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