Review: AquaMermaid Chicago Mermaid School

Last month, I had the chance to live out my Ariel fantasies.


I live out my Hipster Ariel fantasies every day. (Although these shots are from Halloween a few years ago … the FISHNETS are IRONIC.)

This time, I got to really play Ariel. In water. With my cat lady burly bestie Nina. And AquaMermaid Chicago.

AquaMermaid (4)

We were able to take their one-hour class to learn how to swim like a mermaid. Now, I’m a good swimmer. I’m not just saying that, I was a certified lifeguard and I taught children how to swim. (Yes, many years ago, but still, it’s like riding a bike.)  But stick my feet in a monofin and zip them up in a mermaid tail, and it’s another whole story. But a fun one!

At the start of Mermaid class, you get to pick your mermaid tail (they had blue and pink) and learn how to put the monofin (attached flippers) onto your feet and put on the tail over that.  Then get into the water.

Photos via AquaMermaid

Once in the water, we reviewed some basic mermaid moves. The dolphin kick (the bottom half of the butterfly stroke) and how to swim on your front, back and side.  Swimming on your side allows the opportunity to wave to shore, just like a friendly mermaid luring a sailor.


I guess I’ve been a mermaid for Halloween more than once.
And my husband dressed as a Sailor because … he was actually a Sailor. In the US Navy.

After trying out various swimming strokes, we moved on to trying flips in the water, holding hands while swimming, doing a mermaid High 5, and swimming or flipping through a hoop in the water.

Photos via AquaMermaid, but I’m pretty sure I looked like this.

Most of the class was held in the shallow end (3-4 feet), but we spent some time in the deep end (10-12 feet) so we could try to retrieve things off the bottom of the pool.  The last 10-15 minutes of class were free swim where we could try our favorite moves again. And take photos of course.

AquaMermaid (1)

Mermaid High Five. Obvi.

I think we’ll stick to portraying cats on stage.

Overall, it was a really fun way to work out for an hour! And it was definitely a good workout! I would love to come back with my nieces, I think they would both really enjoy it. (They’re 7-8 years old.)

AquaMermaid offers separate classes for teens/adults and children, and also private parties for birthdays, bachelorette parties, team building, or whatever you can think of. Classes are held at the UIC Sport and Fitness Center near the Medical District, close to the Blue and Pink Lines and a few bus routes, a Divvy station, and street parking is also available. There is a full locker room available. (Bring your own lock, towel and shower necessities.)  I recommend bringing a pair of goggles for the class, although it is not required. Come to class dressed in a swim suit.

Interested in trying it yourself? Book a class online! I recommend signing up with a friend, it’s a fun experience to share. You can also buy your own mermaid tail, save $10 with promo code CHICAGO.

I was provided with a free class for me and a friend, but all opinions are my own. 

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  1. I’ve seen several reviews for this class now, and I swear, every time I read one it just makes me more and more anxious haha. This looks SO SCARY! Having my legs zipped together while trying to swim sounds like the most terrifying thing ever.

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