Training, May 15-21

Monday: Absolute Strength at On Your Mark West Loop via ClassPass and a 1.5-mile Divvy ride home

Tuesday: 4.1-mile run in 43:58, 10:45 pace with Three Run Two

Wednesday: Megaformer class at CHI50 via ClassPass and a 4.4-mile Divvy bike ride home

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Power Yoga at Yoga Six South Loop via ClassPass

Saturday: 7-mile run in 1:23:31, 12:04 pace

Sunday: AquaMermaid class and a 3.2-mile round-trip Divvy ride there and back

Total miles (run + bike) = 20
Total time (all workouts) = 7 hours, 14 minutes

Photos by Micaela Bernal 

Tuesday’s run with Three Run Two. They meet pretty close to my place on Tuesday nights, and I kept telling myself to go run with them but kept making excuses (they meet too late, what if my knee starts bothering me, etc). But I’ve met a lot of really awesome people through group runs, plus in my experience, regularly running with a group helps me drop my pace.

On Wednesday I decided to try a new megaformer place – CHI50 in Bucktown. It was fun to try a new studio because I did some new-to-me megaformer moves, and the flow was a little bit different from what I’m used to. I almost bailed on my plan to ride a Divvy bike home, because it was extremely windy (15+ mph according to my weather app), but I lugged my helmet around all day and wanted something to show for it.

On Saturday, I planned to run 6 miles before a meeting for my next project with the Arts & Business Council of Chicago, but it was pouring, so I did a short strength workout in the gym in our building. When I got home, the rain had cleared and it wasn’t too hot, so I decided to do my run after all. By the time I made it back home I was at 6.9 miles, so I decided to do an even 7. Hashtag overachiever.

On Sunday I had the chance to check out AquaMermaid with my burlesque bestie (and to our surprise, one of our burly friends was the teacher). You’ll be able to read all about the experience in a later post! Spoiler: It was fun.

FitBit Stats:

  • 87,156 steps; 12,541 per day
  • 185 floors; 26 per day
  • 40 miles; 5.7 per day
  • 2,388 avg. daily calorie burn
  • 379 active minutes; 54 per day
  • 7 hr 29 min avg. restful sleep

If you run with a club, how long did it take you to talk yourself into finally showing up?
Have you ever swam like an animal or mythical creature?
Did you get blown away at all last week? How about that temperature drop on Thursday? 

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4 Comments on “Training, May 15-21”

  1. Sounds like a very active week. Way to ride your bike in the wind. It seemed to be pretty windy every day last week. Is that the same Three Run Two group that hosted the Humboldt Mile on Saturday?

  2. I rarely have trouble convincing myself to meet up with my CARA group for long runs during marathon season, but any other time they meet, whether it’s weekday runs during marathon season or any run on any day outside of marathon season? Forget it. I really enjoy their company, but I find running with other people so…inconvenient. Ha. You have to get there, and run when other people want, and then get home…no thanks. It’s so much simpler to run on my own time, and if there was any way I could drag myself through 13+ mile long runs on my own, I probably wouldn’t ever show up for group training >.<

    The wind last week was BONKERS. I found it so annoying, because it was too hot to wear jeans to work, so I wore skirts instead, but then the wind constantly put me at risk of flashing everyone! The struggle was real. Haha.

    1. I agree it’s so much easier to just run on my own schedule from my own home/office than to go out of my way to go to a group run. However, I had a pretty tight running crew in the burbs, so making the effort to go to group runs was worth it because my friends were there. It’s hard when I don’t know anyone else at the group run … but I won’t get to know them if I don’t show up! And then there are the awkward first few times that I go and barely talk to anyone.

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