Training, May 8-14

Monday: 5.1-mile run in 1:02, 12:08 pace

Tuesday: Megaformer at Studio Lagree; 3.5-mile Divvy ride home

Wednesday: Rowing & Strength at Iron + Oar with Nina

Thursday: 4-mile run in 44 minutes, 10:57 pace; lunchtime yoga at the office

Friday & Saturday: rest

Sunday: 9.44 miles in 2:05, 13:15 pace

Total miles (run + bike) = 22
Total time (all workouts) = 6 hours, 53 minutes

Sunday’s run was the fitness highlight of my week. 9 (plus) miles, so close to double digits. And the weather was beautiful. Although now that spring seems to have actually arrived, this means I’ll have to start getting up earlier for my long runs. Or suffer in the heat.

So … up next is a 10 miler! My goal is to do it by Memorial Day. My original goal was to run the Soldier Field 10. I’m still undecided on whether or not that’s happening. But either way, I plan to attempt to run 10 miles before the end of the month.




I get a lot of questions on Instagram (and in person) about how I take my run-selfies. I wrote a post with my tips, but a quick rundown:

  • Use the timer on your camera app
  • Use your water bottle to prop up your phone
  • Keep your eye out for a good “backdrop”
  • Take more than one shot and pick the best one to post
  • Side shots are better than front-on
  • Practice makes perfect!


Last week’s FitBit stats:

  • 91,519 steps; 13,074 per day
  • 132 floors; 18.9 per day
  • 43.06 miles; 6.2 per day
  • 400 active minutes; 57 per day
  • 2,430 avg. daily calorie burn
  • 7 hr 25 min avg. restful sleep


How was your week? Has summer arrived where you live? (I ask this like all of you aren’t around Chicago.) 

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2 Comments on “Training, May 8-14”

  1. I feel you on the get up early or suffer on the long run sentiment. I got really used to taking my sweet time on Saturday mornings and running whenever I managed to drag myself out of bed this winter, and the past two times I’ve done that, it has come back to bite me in the butt big time. I didn’t leave until 10:00 this past Saturday (*hangs head in shame*) and the five miles I ran were BRUTAL. Thank goodness marathon training starts in a few weeks, so I have a group to force me to get out running early!

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