KRā sports drinks

I’m personally not a fan of Gatorade, Powerade, and similar sports drinks. I’m not a fan of the flavors, the aftertaste, the unnecessary food dyes. However, I was excited to test out KRā organic sports drinks. They’re made from real fruit juice + cane sugar + salt. That’s it. And they are pretty tasty! If you’re in Chicago, you can pick up a bottle all over the city.

What’s your favorite sports drink? 

I was sent a few bottles of KRā for free. Opinions are my own. 


Sweatworking Week

It’s back!  A week of Sweatworking! I attend the last two (only two?) Sweatworking Weeks, and they are a blast. It’s an opportunity to try new workouts, meet new sweaty friends, and sometimes sample some products. AND! This time around, the workouts are all only $5! FIVE DOLLARS! What a steal. Head over to for the schedule and registration. If you’re curious, I’m signed up for Mon AM, Tue AM, Tue 7PM, Wed AM, Wed PM, Thur PM, and waitlisted for a couple others. It’s going to be exhausting but fun. 6 AM workouts … OY.

Have you signed up for Sweatworking Week? What workouts are you doing? 


Brown Bag Lunches 

I’m back in the habit of bringing my lunch, but I need new ideas. Typically I make some kind of salad with arugala and/or spinach, whatever veggies I have (usually some combo of cucumbers, bell peppers, green onion, carrots, radishes), some kind of protein/healthy fat (hard boiled eggs, crumbled bacon, avocado, last night’s leftovers), and some kind of homemade vinegarette. I need new ideas though! I guess I could make sandwiches. We have a toaster oven at the office, so I could do melts.

What else is a good option to bring to the office?