Monday: Vinyasa 2-3 at Moksha River West via ClassPass

Tuesday: Runch (run at lunch) because I didn’t get up early enough to do it before work.  4.1-mile run in 45:13, 10:59 pace

Absolute Strength at On Your Mark via ClassPass
2-mile Divvy ride home

Yoga at the office
5.4-mile run in 1:01:55, 11:23 pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 6.25-mile run in 1:27:58, 14:04 pace (lots of selfies)

Yoga with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe
1 hour of freestyle dancing because no one showed up to my workshop

Total Miles (run+bike) = 18
Total Time = 9 hours, 7 minutes

Plus I started a 30 Days of 30 Burpees + 30-Second Plank challenge with Kelly, to prepare to do the Spartan Sprint next month. I did good Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then I kept forgetting. Oops. How could anyone forget to do burpees?

Emo Knee is feeling OK. It has its moments. They are fleeting and it seems as long as I have at least 18-24 hours between runs, and yoga between almost all runs, I can continue.




Also Saturday, with my family

We had gorgeous weather this weekend! A little chilly, but there was sunshine. My brother and sis-in-law had their annual Cinco de Mayo party. Facebook’s memories let me know that their party has grown quite a bit over the years. What started as a handful of family & friends in their backyard has grown to what I assume is my niece’s entire class + their parents + siblings + a giant bounce house with a slide!

FitBit stats:

  • 86,547 total steps; 12,364 per day
  • 178 total floors; 25 per day
  • 40.57 total miles; 5.8 per day
  • 2,404 avg. daily calorie burn
  • 350 total active minutes; 50 per day
  • 7 hrs 26 min avg. restful sleep

Sidenote: I was in the habit of drinking coffee every morning, as well as after lunch during workdays. And my sleep has been getting worse – I find myself laying in bed awake or waking up a lot more. So, I’m giving up the afternoon coffee to see if it helps. (Although I’m still drinking Green Tea, which has some caffeine, but less than coffee.)

Although someone please explain how my parents can drink coffee after dinner all the time and it doesn’t keep them up at night???

  • How much coffee do you drink per day? 
  • Do you ever run (or workout) at lunch? I have access to showers at the office. 
  • Did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? 
  • Did you get to enjoy the sunshine this weekend?