Training, April 24 – 30

Monday & Tuesday: Company conference. Didn’t want to get up early enough to workout (even though they offered yoga and a group run both days … at 6am) and both nights had evening activities.

Wednesday AM: 4.5-mile run in 49:01, 10:52 pace
Wednesday PM: Total Body Strength at CrossTown Fitness via ClassPass (and Divvy ride home)

Thursday PM: Vinyasa 1-2 at Moksha Yoga Riverwest via ClassPass (and partial Divvy ride home)

Friday AM: 4.5-mile run in 47:42, 10:36 pace

Saturday: Rest (performance at night)

Sunday AM: Yoga with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe
Sunday PM: 8.25-mile run in 1:43:18, 12:31 pace

Total miles (run + bike) = 20
Total time (all workouts) = 7 hours

I was so surprised that I was exhausted after my run on Sunday, but I guess 75 minutes of yoga + 103 minutes of running will do that. Clearly it’s been awhile since long runs were a part of my routine.

Emo Knee is hanging in there. I actually only feel tenderness during strength workouts – jumping back into a burpee, specifically. But not every burpee, only ones that happen ~12 hours after my last run. (Wednesday’s PM workout.)

Also, Sunday’s run was my longest since July 2014. This is going to be a recurring theme for awhile. Sorry not sorry.

Work conference social events
Dinner at Smith & Wolensky’s  /  My team failed at EscapeRoom

We did EscapeRoom as a team building/social hour thing. I was skeptical going into it. It seemed gimmicky and the thought of being trapped in a room sounded way more awful than fun. But it actually ended up being a lot of fun! And my team worked really well together … or not, because our time ran out as we were unlocking the last lock, so technically we did not escape in time. But no one tried to dominate and everyone contributed.

Wednesday AM  /  Wednesday PM

I wanted to skip Wednesday evening’s workout. For one, I was meeting up with friends afterward and didn’t want to be rushed showering and getting ready. For another, I was feeling really tired by the end of my workday. BUT, I love the Total Strength classes at Crosstown, and Jeana was teaching, and there would have been a $15 late cancel fee, so I went. It was a good workout! And always good to see Jeana. And I was not rushed afterward.

Friday morning. So. The temperature dropped 🙁

Saturday night backstage / Post-show selfie tradition

This was my last performance until at least June. It was a lot of fun, and it was great to see all my burly friends. And I performed my latest solo for the 4th time and I felt like it was my best performance of that act, which felt great. The audience seemed to dig it. (Three bachelorette parties in the audience, I guess it’s that time of year.) But now it’s time to focus on other things. Mainly, workouts and professional development.

Sunday’s run

I stumbled upon the Chicago Women’s Park & Garden. It’s worth another visit on a sunnier day! There was also some kind of dance/group movement rehearsal going on, you can see them behind the tree on the left.

FitBit stats:

  • 90,325 total steps; 12,904 per day
  • 152 total floors; 21.7 per day
  • 42.45 total miles; 6 per day
  • 2,370 avg. daily calorie burn
  • 372 total active minutes; 53 per day
  • 7 hrs 11 min avg. restful sleep

Overall, a solid week despite not doing any workouts the first two weeks.

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2 Comments on “Training, April 24 – 30”

  1. Congrats on all the workouts and completing your longest run in quite awhile. I know that long runs absolutely wipe me out, so I have to do them every other week and I need to get a good day of rest afterwards. What song did you use for your routine?

    1. My song was I Hate Myself for Loving You by Joan Jett. It’s a lot of fun to dance to! There’s a video on 😉 NSFW obviously

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