Training, April 10 – 16

Monday: Flexible Flow Yoga at Bottom Line Yoga Civic Studio

Tuesday: 4-mile run in 41:03, 10:13 pace

Wednesday: M3 Fusion at Studio Lagree River North

Thursday: 4-mile run in 44:23, 11:02 pace

Friday: 2.2-mile Divvy commute; 1 hour of dancing

Saturday: Rest (not really – I had a show that I helped put together)

Sunday: 3.1-mile run, 30:35, 9:48 pace

Total miles: 17
Total time: 5 hours, 21 minutes
Run 3x, Yoga 1x, Strength 1x

Bottom Line Yoga’s space in the Civic Opera Building





So, hey, I kind of produced a burlesque show. Or rather, produced a set during a show. My friend is a co-owner of the Blue Island Beer Company and asked me to “bring some friends and put on an hour of burlesque” for their LowBrow Art Show Season Finale. Which is also sponsored by a body shop, hence the classic car pic above. (There’s a joke in there … and my mother already made it on Facebook.)

It was a little bit stressful, but I had a blast. I was nervous about how the audience would react (since my assumption was most of them have never seen burlesque), would all of our logistics fall into place (they did), would our timing work (there were 4 of us performing and 1 host, and we were each performing 2-3 times in the span of an hour, with costume changes). Everything went off without a hitch, and it sounds like we’ll do it again in the fall! Yay! And it was kind of a family affair, since my brother and sis-in-law both work at the brewery in some capacity.


Top: Sis-in-law, me, bro.  Bottom: Me + BFF Gen; the stage; me + the Mr.

I wrote about taking a break from burlesque, and while I do still want to devote less time and energy to it, I did have a ton of fun performing this past weekend. And while I still have tons of ideas rolling around in my head for future acts I want to do, I also don’t want to take time away from other things (my current workout schedule, time with friends & family) nor do I want to spend money on new costumes.  So. Yeah. It’s still fun, but it’s still a lot of work. And it’ll be more fun if I’m not burning myself out by stretching myself too thin.

What fun things do you not do for whatever reason? 

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7 Comments on “Training, April 10 – 16”

    1. Thanks! I have friends who regularly produce shows, and they also have the added step of securing a venue. I can’t imagine dealing with all this stuff on a regular basis, on top of a full-time job! It is rewarding though when it all comes together.

  1. I love the outfit progression of your run selfies, from long pants and long sleeves to crops and long sleeves to shorts and short sleeves. If that doesn’t perfectly capture the experience of running in Chicago during the spring, I don’t know what does!

  2. So I follow you on Instagram and 1. I think we should go for a run together! You are always in my neighborhood and I’m looking for a running buddy in South Loop and 2. I need to come see your show, when is the next one?

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