Monday: 3.5-mile run in 35:56, 10:11 pace

Sidenote: My neighbor’s dog lunged at me while I was warming up for my run (doing glute exercises on the steps in front of our building). Fido got a hold of the hem of my running tights and the elbow of my shirt, but thankfully did not actually get any skin. I reported it to building management, and the dog owner was “shocked” that I did. What??! I’m not your dog’s chew toy.

Tuesday: Total Body Strength at CrossTown Fitness

Wednesday: 3.6-mile run in 38:10, 10:32 pace

Thursday: GO ROW at Go Row (with Coach Sarah!)

Friday: Power Yoga at Yoga Six

Saturday: 5.3-mile run in 55:41, 10:31 pace

Sunday: Yoga with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe

Such a great turnout – probably 80 people! And it was a good flow. 

Total Miles: 12
Total Time: 6 hours, 10 minutes

AND – I hit my weekly goal of run 3x, yoga 2x, strength 2x!! (Go Row alternates rowing and strength intervals.)









EMO KNEE WATCH: My left knee (the one that had “Runner’s Knee” a couple years ago) has been fine during runs – better than fine, actually, because I only seem to be feeling very minor tweaks in my right knee during runs. They go away quickly and are nothing I’m worried about. But every now and then after a run, my left knee sometimes feels “tender” if I put weight on it a certain way. Not painful. Just like “hey … you went for a run recently.” So I’m trying to keep up with the yoga and the glute strengthening and I’ve started taking Glucosamine, because, you know, I’m in my mid-30s and already take like a million vitamins, what’s one more?

FitBit Stats:

  • 81,818 total steps; 11,688 per day
  • 93 total floors; 13 per day
  • 37.99 total miles; 5.4 per day
  • 2,315 avg. daily calorie burn
  • 365 total active minutes; 52 per day
  • 7 hrs 16 min avg. restful sleep

This week spoiler alerts:

  • Shamrock Shuffle this weekend. Hopefully, I’ll follow through and actually run it this year! It’ll be my 5th time if I do.
  • Week 4 of my Soldier Field 10 training plan.
  • Maybe actually signing up for the Soldier Field 10.
  • My ClassPass cycle resets on Friday and since I didn’t pace myself, I’m doing back-to-back days of double classes.
  • THREE DAYS IN A ROW OF MORNING WORKOUTS! Who am I? (Answer: Someone who doesn’t like unused ClassPass credits.)

How are you doing? Training for anything? Any dogs bite or try to bite you lately?