Monday: GoRow at GoRow

Tuesday: 2.85 miles in 31:10, 10:55 pace

Wednesday: Bellydance rehearsal

Thursday: 3.02 miles in 30:58, 11:40 pace

Friday: rest/show

Saturday: 4.18 miles in 48:39, 11:38 pace

Sunday: 75 minutes of yoga with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe

Total miles: 10
Total time: 4hr, 25min

This was officially week 1 of training for the Soldier Field 10. (Which I have yet to sign up for.) And I did every run as planned! I even woke up early to get in my run before work on Thursday, because we had plans to go to the Art Institute in the evening. Extra gold star for me.

However, I also started a new session of burlesque classes on Sunday – Advanced Fan Dancing and Solo Development – but skipped classes because I was feeling crummy. You win some, you lose some.






Friday backstage 


Sunday yoga

FitBit Stats:

  • 87,165 total steps; 12,452 per day
  • 154 total floors; 22 per day
  • 39.88 total miles; 5.7 per day
  • 2,336 avg. daily calorie burn
  • 343 total active minutes
  • 6 hrs 23 min avg. restful sleep
    No wonder I felt crummy by Sunday 

So, now that my goal is to run 3x per week, I need to figure out how to manage my schedule to get in enough yoga and strength workouts to make sure my glutes stay strong and my hips stay stretched. My goal is at least one yoga and two strength workouts per week. This week I got in one yoga and one strength (as part of the GoRow workout). Oh, and I also need to make sure I get enough sleep. And, uh, the diet could use some work. I’m started tracking my calories again, which never uncovers anything you want to see.