Three Things Thursday

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There’s a lot of cancer in my family tree, including colon cancer. So I’m excited to help promote the Colon Cancer Alliance’s Undy Run/Walk, coming to Chicago on Saturday, May 13th, and not just because I like being in my undies in public. You can save $5 on registration with code FRONT5.  Registration includes a pair of boxers!

Funds raised through the Undy Run/Walk support both local and national colon cancer prevention, research and patient support programs. Eighty-six cents of every dollar received goes directly to helping patients and their families in need.

If you were to join me for the race, what would you wear?  And how much Body Glide would you need??!! 


On Tuesday night, I met up with Lauren for Nike’s The Force is Female International Women’s Day Event. It was a great event with a panel of women sharing stories of women empowering women, a goal-setting session, a 3-mile run around the West Loop, and lovely flowers from Flowers for Dreams on our way out. Plus, shoes, because Nike is baller like that.

Have you ever ordered from Flowers for Dreams? Based on the Instagram comments on my post plus comments from co-workers in person, they are pretty popular. 


I work in digital marketing, and branding and personalization are important for our team. So I was amused when my niece handed me my Girl Scout cookie order in a branded and personalized paper bag. Not everyone got her lovely cat drawings.

What are your favorite Girl Scout cookies? I ordered almost one of every flavor this year. Gotta support the girls! My favorites are Tagalongs and Samoas. 

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  1. My parents usually send me flowers at work after the Chicago Marathon, and this year they sent me a bouquet from Flowers for Dreams. It’s pretty much the only florist I ever want to use for any occasion I’ll ever need flowers from here on out. I love that they give back with each purchase, their pricing is phenomenal, and the flowers lasted a really long time! Greatest company ever. I’m a huge fan.

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