Lularoe has been showing up in my Facebook feed here and there for the past couple years or so, but I had largely been ignoring it. I assumed that it wasn’t my style, it was just wacky printed leggings, and I had enough leggings.

Recently, my friend Annabelle became a Lularoe consultant, and I like Annabelle, and her goal is to support Garden Center Services through her sales, which is a pretty worthy endeavor. So I gave Lularoe an honest look.

Turns out, Lularoe is way more than just leggings. Although the leggings are pretty amazing, I will admit. But so are the dresses and skirts and tops and … and I drank the Kool-aid, you guys. The clothes are pretty darn comfortable, and everything is stretchy, so you can fit into multiple sizes. While there are a lot of prints/styles that aren’t for me, I’ve definitely been finding some that do work for me.

Anyway. That’s a long way to introduce this outfit, which includes one of my first Lularoe purchases – a Madison skirt in mustard yellow.



I really don’t understand why clothing designers don’t realize putting pockets on a women’s garment of clothing = we love it more than if it didn’t have pockets, and why they don’t just put pockets on EVERYTHING.

Anyway, the skirt is the Madison style from Lularoe, and a size medium fits me well. It’s knit and stretchy with an elastic waist, no zippers or buttons, and did I mention it has pockets?

The sweater, which I also love, is by Octavia via LeTote. I really wanted to keep it, but sent it back. I’ll likely add it a future tote, because it’s cute and fits well.

The bracelet is by Gorjana via LeTote.

Necklace is from Francesca’s. Similar 1 and Similar 2.

The booties are from Old Navy and very old. Similar.

Have you checked out Lularoe? What do you think?
Pockets on dresses and skirts – great or greatest thing ever? At least, in regards to garment innovation. 

If you’re local to Chicago, I’m hosting a combined Clothing Swap Party & Lularoe Pop-Up Shop at Annabelle’s (storefront by appointment only) shop later this month. Comment if you’d like to join!