How I did on February’s goals:

Read a book. ARGH. Still didn’t happen. I’m a little over halfway through Our Revolution by Bernie Sanders.

Crush it at work. I don’t know that I would say what I did in February was CRUSHIN’ IT but it was good stuff.

Yoga/strength/run. My goal was at least one of each every week, I did that 3 out of 4 weeks.  

Plan spring trips. I bought tickets for a Radiohead concert in Seattle in April, but still haven’t booked the airfare. Also our 10th wedding anniversary is in April and we’ve talked about some ideas but haven’t planned anything. It’ll likely be something low-key. (Maybe a long weekend at a destination within driving distance.)

Lift more than 80 pounds. I lifted 80 right around New Years, but none of my workouts in February gave me an opportunity to try maxing out … but I also didn’t do any strength workouts outside of a class.

Five Goals for March:

FINISH A BOOK. For real this time.

Start a training plan. I’ve been rolling around the idea of running the Soldier Field 10. My plan is to follow a novice/beginner half marathon training plan, which  I would need to start the first full week of March.

Start Divvying again. I don’t use Divvy bikes much during the winter because it’s cold, the roads aren’t as ideal for biking, and the days are shorter. But now that those conditions are changing, I want to get into a habit of Divvying whenever it makes sense.

LBD diet. I am intentionally doing this during Lent. I want to go back to a diet similar to the one I did for the Little Black Dress project. Which means no carbs, no dairy, no added sugars, no “junk” food and sweets. Yay.

Renew my passport. It expires soon.