Last week was so beautiful, right? Warm temps, sunny skies, what a time to be alive!

And then Thursday happened. Do you remember? It started as another beautiful, mild day. I headed off to the office, my backpack packed with a healthy salad for lunch, and clothes for the evening’s workout I had scheduled via ClassPass.

And throughout the day … the temperature dropped. It started to rain.

The end of the day came, and it was time to change into my workout clothes. Except … in my rush to pack my bag the night before, I failed to pack a sports bra and socks. I was feeling tired from 8 hours of sitting on my ass and staring at a screen, so I thought, cool, now I have a legit excuse to skip my workout. But alas, I had an extra sports bra in my desk (AS ONE DOES), and I was wearing Nike Flyknits which I think are designed to be worn without socks (even though I typically wear them with socks). No excuses. Bummer.

I left the office to head toward the L. It was raining, but thankfully I had an umbrella. But it was windy. And cold. The temps dropped like 15 degrees throughout the day and it was now in the high 30s. I was wearing two layered running jackets, workout capris, and Flyknits with no socks. And it was windy. Like the Chicago kind of windy rain that makes you question all of your life choices that led you up to being outside at that exact moment.


I am certain this is what I looked like. Except holding an umbrella.

By the time I got to the L station, my feet were cold and wet and I hated the world. And I knew on the other side of my train ride were another three blocks walking in the rain, and my feet would get cold and wet (or wetter) again. And then an hour of working out, then more walking in the rain, bus, more walking in the rain. At least 90 minutes stood between me and dry feet.

I couldn’t deal. I just wanted to get home to dry socks. And a warm hoodie.

So I bailed. I late-canceled the workout on the ClassPass app and headed in the direction of the bus that would take me home.

I hate bailing on a workout, especially if I have to pay the late cancel fee, but I also hate being cold and wet, especially if the cold and wet extends to my feet.

I know for every 5-10 days I have where I feel like I have my life together, and I’m doing great on my workouts, I’m going to have 1-2 days where I’m just like … no. I can’t get it together. I can’t fit in that run, I can’t make it to every scheduled workout, I forget my sports bra and/or socks, I don’t always eat right and end up super gassy and uncomfortable during the workout.  But that’s cool, because I’m human, and you’re human, and this is what makes us appreciate the days when we do have all of our stuff together.

Also, I rewarded my excellent decision-making (that would be, prioritizing dry feet) with a delicious beer that someone (I think I know who) left in my fridge:

No, not Olive, but she approves of any decision that gets me home sooner, and thus puts dinner in her dish earlier.

When did you find yourself not “winning” recently? 
What are your deal breakers when it comes to personal comfort? I also hate overheating, and being in too much direct sunlight (#Ginger)