Fashion Friday – Fancy Sweatshirt & Skater Skirt

At one point, I had a separate fashion blog. Yes. Me. I gave it up after a few months, but it was fun while it lasted. So maybe I don’t have enough for a fashion blog, but how about Fashion Friday? Let’s see how long this lasts …


This outfit is from sometime in early January.

The fancy sweatshirt is from Summer & Sage via LeTote. I love fancy sweatshirts, and I love this one and actually kept it. I dressed it up with my favorite skirt that I wear all the time – a pleated black skater skirt (similar) from The Limited (whomp whomp), black tights (similar), and some really old booties (similar) that may be from Fergie’s line at DSW. A few years ago. The necklace is from Jessica Simpson via LeTote.

And the background … is the women’s locker room in the fitness center in my office building. I’m classy.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – Fancy Sweatshirt & Skater Skirt

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  1. I didn’t know you ever had a fashion blog! Fun fact! I was not aware than fancy sweatshirts are a thing that exist, but now that I am aware of that, I think I need them in my life. I would be the happiest person if I could wear a sweatshirt to work and still have it look professional enough for the office.

    1. It was probably 4 years ago that I had a fashion blog. I think.

      Fancy sweatshirts and knit dresses (including maxi dresses) are like my favorite fashion life hacks. SO COMFORTABLE.

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