Training, Feb 13-19

Monday: Total Body Strength at CrossTown Fitness West Loop (another workout date with Nina, but no photo, just a boomerang that might make you dizzy)

Tuesday: Valentine’s Day! Mr Mag Mile took me to dinner at Le Sardine and it was awesome. Afterward, we took a walk to nearby-ish Lone Wolf to take a selfie in front … I dropped my phone for the millionth time … and finally shattered the screen.

Wednesday: Bellydance class at Vaudezilla

Thursday: Strength Training at Fit Results (more “cross-fitty” than I expected but I loved it)

Friday: Yeah. No.

Saturday: No workout but a busy day.

Sunday: Yoga with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe and 2 hours of my own private studio time to just work on my own choreography. At a studio with cats, because the universe loves me. And I rode a Divvy bike there and back because the weather was so lovely.


Not Lone Wolf(f)s

Thursday  /   Sunday

The weather was gorgeous … and I didn’t go for a single run last week. I thought about squeezing one in on Sunday, but I had time booked at a studio in the late afternoon to work on my own stuff, and I didn’t want to be too worn out to get the most out of my time. I’m glad I opted not to run, because after 90 straight minutes on my feet, dancing … my legs were tired when I got home.

Speaking of which, I’m trying to regularly schedule rehearsal time for myself. I’ve been doing a good job lately keeping up with working out, because with ClassPass, I have something on my schedule with a price tag attached if I bail. (Or wasted money if I don’t use all of my classes every month.) I’m starting to treat my own creative/rehearsal the same way, and book time at studios to force myself to regularly work on my ideas. Lately I’ve been feeling up and down with burlesque, and I think the down is usually when I feel unprepared. Which is my own fault. When I just leave my rehearsal to my own whims of finding the time to move my coffee table out of the way, and dance around my small living room, with no mirror, I can’t be surprised when I’m not happy with what I come up with (or don’t come up with). So, I’m going to do what works best at keeping myself accountable – put something on my schedule at a set time, with a price tag on it if I don’t follow through. Hopefully if I do this regularly, I won’t have that nagging feeling hanging over me all the time of “hey you should be rehearsing right now” if I can tell my brain “no, I will be rehearsing Sunday at 4pm” etc.

And for my own tracking, FitBit said I did this:

  • 81,360 total steps; 11,623 per day
  • 93 total floors; 13 per day
  • 35.54 total miles; 5.1 per day
  • 2,289 avg. daily calorie burn
  • 201 total active minutes; 29 per day
  • 7 hrs 35 min avg. restful sleep


How do you hold yourself accountable to your own goals?
What did you do to enjoy this lovely weather? 

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  1. Good idea to attach a price tag to things to get motivated to do them. I looked at Le Sardine’s menu and it looks like the kind of food I’d enjoy. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

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