Training, Jan 30 – Feb 5

Monday: Yoga Flow at Ohm Culture

Tuesday: M3 Fusion at Studio Lagree Lincoln Park

Wednesday: Bellydance class at Vaudezilla

Thursday: AIR Core at AIR Aerial Fitness

Friday: rest

Saturday: rehearsal (which was basically dancing for 4 minutes while I showed my solo)

Sunday: Yoga with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe followed by a 3.5 mile run in the sunshine

I really didn’t want to go to Bellydance class on Wednesday. I debated skipping the class and just dropping out altogether.  I’m not sure why, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I went anyway, mostly because 1) I want to keep dancing for the sake of dance and bellydance class is a lot of dancing  2) In this session we’re dancing with veils and I want to update one of my acts to be more of a “veil” dance than awkwardly dancing around with a cloak, and I have ideas for more solo acts using a veil in some way. Also 3) A bunch of my burlyQ friends are taking this class as well. So I went, and it was fun.

Also, for some reason, yoga on Sunday morning felt tough. Which confused me, I feel like I’m in good enough shape that a basic yoga flow shouldn’t feel like a lot of work to me, but I don’t know, maybe it was an off morning.

FitBit Stats:

  • 68,720 total steps; 9,817 per day
  • 113 total floors; 16 per day
  • 30.56 total miles; 4.4 per day
  • 2,222 avg. daily calorie burn
  • 266 total active minutes; 38 per day
  • 7 hrs 29 min avg. restful sleep

How do you motivate yourself for workouts you don’t want to do? Or obligations you want to flake out on? 

How much sleep do you get per night? I think 7 1/2 hours is the right amount for me, even when I don’t set an alarm I seem to wake up after that amount of sleep. 

2 thoughts on “Training, Jan 30 – Feb 5

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  1. Man, 7.5 hours/night! I’d love to average that, but I”m usually lucky to break 7 hours at all on a weeknight, according to my Fitbit. I find it so difficult to get to bed early enough to accommodate how early I need to get up for work. I usually average over 7 for the entire week, but only because I get like 8.5-9 on weekends, which helps even out all the 6:30s-6:50s I normally get on weeknights.

  2. You really are an ambitious woman, respect! I’m also training for a marathon with SportMe running app which calculates distance, pace, time and calories and adjusts running plans to my progress.

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