Training, January 23-29

Monday: GoRow at GoRow

Tuesday: Total Body Strength at CrossTown Fitness

Wednesday: Burlesque performance at Underground Lounge

Thursday: B/X at Brick Chicago

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3.5-mile run

Sunday: Yoga was canceled 😦  But I taught a workshop and then danced around with veils and fan veils for about an hour.

Monday and Tuesday

Thursday and Saturday 

Wednesday and Sunday 

My burlyQ bestie Nina and I met up for Total Strength at CrossTown on Tuesday, and realized we were both performing the following night (in the same show), both doing chair dancing in our acts, which can require strength, so maybe a strength-focused workout the night before wasn’t the best idea? I don’t think either of us were painfully sore the next day. But you know, burlesque and running can be so similar – no tough workouts right before a race … or performance.

And on Sunday, I had a lot of fun teaching my burlesque workshop! A “Women’s Adventure Club” decided their January event would be my workshop. Eight of them came, and by the end, everyone who wasn’t already part of the group (I think 5 of us) asked to join their Facebook group, LOL. Including me.

FitBit results:

  • 68,970 total steps; 9,853 per day
  • 97 total floors; 13.9 per day
  • 30.8 total miles; 4.4 per day
  • 2,291 avg. daily calorie burn
  • 333 total active minutes; 47.6 per day
  • 7 hrs 29 min avg. restful sleep

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