Amazing Leggings

While I was out Christmas shopping, I stumbled upon the most amazing leggings. They are super soft, stretchy, seamless and cheap – I think I paid like $8/pair at Marshalls. I promptly bought myself every pair I could find in black and have been wearing them while lounging at home and sleeping, to dance class, under dresses, etc. I also went back to the store and picked up more pairs as Christmas gifts for some of the ladies in my family, and they love them too. I wish all of my pants felt like this. The brand is Just One, and you can find them at Marshalls, TJ Maxx or on Amazon. No one is paying me to tell you this, although the Amazon link is an affiliate.


It’s hard to capture the amazingness of leggings in a photo, but hey, cat socks. 



I just started my 6th batch of kombucha this week. I am addicted. I’m happy to say that my bottled batches are finally starting to get fizzy – I think batch 3 was the first one with enough fizz that I didn’t need to mix it with water carbonated from my soda stream. Eventually I will do a whole post dedicated to my kombucha process. For now, you can read Erin’s post, since it is what inspired me. I’ve also already gotten two more scobies off my original one, which I’m using, but soon I will start to have enough spare scobies to give away! 🙂


New act 

Last night I debuted a new solo! My burly friend Simona has started producing low key “industry” nights during the week, and last night was my first time participating. The first half of the show is for industry (performers, teachers, etc) to come and provide feedback to other performers. The second half is open to the public. The shows are free, have no theme and are really casual – so there’s no pressure. And it’s also an opportunity for newer performers to get more stage time, or to run a new act before performing it in front of a bigger (and paying) audience. Also, the show was over by 9:45 last night, hello, that is amazing for us day-jobbers. Anywho, I’m performing this act again on February 10th if you want to check it out! (And if you’re like, OMG, does Mag Mile Runner want me to see her almost nekkid, well, you’re watching Kitten Von Purr, different person 😉 )

Clockwise from top left: The transformation from Maggie to Kitten Von Purr, cat lady selfies after I got home from the show, performing my act on stage, goofing off backstage.


  • What’s new in your world? I mean other than the stressful political climate. I’m thisclose to deactivating my Facebook (and Twitter) before I go off the deep end of stress and angry posts and debates/fights/”discussions”
  • Have you discovered some amazing leggings (or other comfy clothes) that you want to share?
  • If you make (or drink) kombucha, what are your favorite flavors to mix in? I’ve been using fresh squeezed lime juice and fresh sliced ginger and turmeric.