Training, Jan 9-15

Monday: Absolute Strength at On Your Mark West Loop

Tuesday: Sweatworking at First Ascent Avondale

Wednesday: Bellydance class at Vaudezilla

Thursday: Sweatworking at Bare Feet Loft

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Busy day of rehearsal, visiting with a friend, Sweatworking Week closing party, and a launch event at the Nike store. Despite 3 activities centering around being physical … I didn’t actually do a workout. Although when I got home, I worked on choreography, so that was the closest to a workout.

Sunday: Veil Workshop at Studio L’amour and a 3.2-mile run

I love a gym with a dog 🙂  At On Your Mark

Wall climbing was mildly terrifying for me but I want to try it again


Flashback to the last time I took Bellydance – the Jan-Feb session at Vaudezilla last year. Noticing a theme. This is from our performance, we did hip-hop/bellydance fusion.

Bare Feet Yoga Loft


Showing off braids with Cindy at the Sweatworking Week closing party


First run of 2017


FitBit stats:

  • 61,963 total steps; 8,852 per day
  • 109 floors climbed; 15.6 per day
  • 27.56 total miles; 3.9 per day
  • 2,171 avg. daily calorie burn
  • 100 total active minutes; 14.3 per day
    • Guess I didn’t get my heart rate up enough during some of my workouts
  • 7 hrs 34 min avg. restful sleep


How many miles have you run this year? 

Did you go to Sweatworking Week? What was your favorite part? Even though I was nervous while wall climbing, it was fun to try something outside of my comfort zone. 

Have you ever had your hair braided into a “do”? I either need to learn how to do my own crownbraid or go to more events with a free braid bar. 

One thought on “Training, Jan 9-15

Add yours

  1. I’m not sure about my miles so far this year, but hopefully in the 50-60 range? Ideally I’d like to hit 20 mpw but I don’t have firm goals for the late season and hate when I put a mileage goal and then get injured. So well see.

    I was late to the game signing up for sweatworking week events, but made it to a lunch which I really enjoyed hearing the speakers and also practicing my small talk/networking skills. Hopefully I’m more prompt and can actually sign up for workouts next time!

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