Currently – January 2017

Currently… A post on “things of the moment” for me.

State of things: It’s a new year. Duh. A chance to re-focus on what matters. I’ve mentioned a close friend of mine who is going through a challenging time right now and trying to make permanent choices to improve his life. It’s been a long-time coming, but it’s going to be hard to fight against your upbringing and things that are hardwired in you. But if he can do this, what can I do?

Books: Nothing at the present, although I just put a bunch on hold at the Chicago Public Library. Maybe I’ll actually read one of them. I think I just like to put books on hold and pretend I’m well-read.

Movies/TV:  I haven’t seen a new movie in awhile, and all of my current TV shows are on break. I was got caught up in Last Man on Earth (on Fox/Hulu). They left the season break on a cliffhanger, and I’m eagerly waiting for it to pick up again. Project Runway wrapped up Season 15 last month – I watched the last few episodes while sewing my costume for my Christmas solo, so I felt really connected to them. Younger just wrapped season three. Although I have a ton of episodes of Check, Please!, America’s Test Kitchen and Jeopardy recorded. As well as a bunch of classic movies.

Running: The weather has been cold so I haven’t been running as much. Actually, I haven’t logged a single running mile in 2017. Once the weather starts to warm up (and the days get longer), I plan to increase my mileage. For now, I only seem to log miles on the weekends since that’s the only time I can run in daylight (without a lot of planning/logistics or having to wake up before 6am).


Non-Run Workouts:  I enjoyed Sweatworking Week last week. I haven’t tried any new ClassPass studios in awhile, although I don’t know that any new studios near my home/office have been added.

Food/Drink: My diet hasn’t been the greatest lately. And my body isn’t hiding it. However! I now have 3 batches of kombucha going at the same time. They are staggered about 5 days apart. So, two in the brewing phase, one in the bottled phase.

Excitement: I keep feeling up and down about burlesque and what I’m creating. I feel like I struggle with motivation, that what I’m creating is crap, and while I enjoy performing, I don’t always enjoy the work of creating my own pieces. My husband told me I sound like every artist he’s ever heard of who struggles with the creative process. So there’s that. Although at rehearsal yesterday, I showed the ideas I have for my new solo and everyone seemed to really dig it, so that felt good and helped fuel excitement.

Plus I have feather fans now!


Pet Peeve: Why does it seem like everyone else is better at growing plants than me? (Although in reality, my thumb has gotten a little greener and I seem to kill fewer things.)

Wish(es): I’m hoping that some of our vacation plans for 2017 come to fruition.

What is currently up with you? 
How has your mileage been this winter? 
Has your diet recovered from the holidays? 
What do you struggle with? How do you break through the struggle? 

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