Oh hey. I’m a little late on this. You might not care, but I like to keep myself accountable, so here you go. Or here I go.

Monday: Did some rehearsal for a performance

Tuesday: M3 Fusion at Studio Lagree

Wednesday: Mindful Flow at Moksha Yoga

Thursday: Performance! Showtime was 10:30, so I could work a normal day, come home to do hair & make-up and get to the performance venue by 8:30 for tech.

Friday: Rest? Took the day off but spent time with a friend who needed it.

Saturday: Christmas with my in-laws. Physical but not mental rest, LOL.

Sunday: I don’t even know what my excuse was

So, not really a spectacular week. I mean, Thursday’s show was spectacular. But fitness-wise, not so great.

Cast photo from the cat-themed show  ////  What one might wear to/from a cat-themed show they are performing in. (Socks from Kim! I think?? If memory serves correct.)

FitBit stats:

  • 50,368 total steps; 7,195 per day
  • 75 floors climbed; 10.7 per day
  • 21.97 total miles; 3.1 per day
  • 2,083 average daily calorie burn
  • 64 total active minutes. For the whole week.
  • 7hr 18min of average sleep

Can’t win ’em all. .Now I can see why I wasn’t in a rush to post about last week’s workouts.