Oh man, new month AND new year – what a deluge of goals-related posts.

Recapping how I did on December’s goals first:

#1 – Keep up with the run/yoga/strength. My goal each week was yoga 2x, strength 2x, run 3x. My actual performance was a mixed bag:

Week 1 – Dec 4-10 – yoga 1x, strength 1x, run 2x
Week 2 – Dec 11-17 –  yoga 1x, strength 2x, run 1x
Week 3 – Dec 18-24 – no yoga, strength 4x, run 1x
Week 4 – Dec 25-31 – yoga 1x, strength 1x, run 4x

#2 – Keep up with bringing lunch. Did not do a good job of this.

#3 – Count calories again. Did not do this at all.

#4 – Do fun Christmas stuff. Christkindlmarket – CHECK. Zoo Lights – CHECK. Perform in a holiday burlesque show – CHECK. Nutcracker – CHECK.

#5 – Read a book. Ugh. Another fail!


Goals for January:

#1 – Go to the Sweatworking Week stuff I signed up for. A.k.a., don’t be a flake. I’m the most concerned about whether or not I show up for Daybreaker on Wednesday morning. (If you want to join me, use code MagMileRunner to save 25% on any Sweatworking Week class.)

#2 – Go to 10 ClassPass classes. Quit wasting money. I generally tend to make it to 8-9 classes each month.

#3 – Reading a freaking book, yo. Why is this so hard for me?

#4 – Start a Bullet Journal. I wanted to get some kind of goal-planning journal thingie, and when I asked for recommendations on Facebook, a bunch of people suggested a Bullet Journal. I started one last night, let’s see if it’s amazing as y’all say it is.

#5 – Feel confident about my next solo. I’m working on a new solo, and I’m scheduled to perform it on Jan 25 and Feb 10. This is my third solo. What I’ve learned so far is that I can’t just assume I’ll remember what is not committed to muscle memory, and that I’ll come up with some cool move in those spots.  (You can only twirl around the stage so many times and this act is not one for twirling.)


  • Do you Bullet Journal? Have any tips, tricks or websites you follow? 
  • What’s the last good book you read? 
  • What do you hope to accomplish this month?