I already talked about how I did on my 2016 goals, but here are some quantifiable things about 2016 because in case you didn’t know, I’m a digital analytics manager so numbers are kind of my jam.

  • 140 = total running miles
    • I’ve been tracking my monthly miles since 2010. This was my second-lowest year – 2015 was lower. So I’m improving!
  • 184 = total hours spent working out, which equates to 7.7 days.
  • 80 = maximum weight lifted, in pounds
    • I’m not aware of ever lifting a heavier weight
  • 36 = total yoga classes
    • Pretty sure this is my highest
  • 97 = total other classes (weights, core, rowing, HIIT, dance, etc)
  • 61 = classes taken via ClassPass
  • 99 = total Divvy bike rides
    • Didn’t realize until I got the email this week that I was so close to 100 rides
  • 167.5 = total miles covered on a Divvy bike (which is my total biking miles because I can’t find the key to my bike lock)
  • 21 = total burlesque shows performed in
    • I may have said 20 before, but I forgot I had a 2-show night